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Don’t worry… The old Tumblr blog is still there and will continue to be an archive for the start of the Potency and Potential Project. Here is the link but remember it is set to private so that only members of the Tumblr blog can see this part of the project.

Não se preocupe… O velho Tumblr ainda está e continuará como um arquivo do Projeto Potency and Potential. Aqui está o link, mas lembre-se que ele segue restrito a membros do Tumblr para ver esta parte do projeto.




Calling all Potency & Potential network artists! want to attend the February international residential encounter?

Dear all,

On this eve of the New Year, we’re sending out a call for those interested in attending the February Encounter (residential), together with a group of those who attended the Sao Paulo  encuentro/imersao. We have a few more members than we have places, and so we are asking for expressions of interest, based around the call below, to make sure people who are keen can put themselves forward. (It may be that everybody who wants to come can come, but we need to ensure everyone has a fair chance):

Residential Discussion Call: ‘How do artists and activists foster spaces that can catalyse change/action, when working creatively with groups? And what are the qualities of such spaces?

  1. What draws you to this project residential, what is your interest in participating?
  2. What elements within your work/perspective/experience excite you in relation to our discussion theme above, which we will be exploring together at the residential?

Please respond in whatever way you choose (no more than 1 page total. Less would be better) to help us ensure we have the best mix and balance in this group.
PS you will need to participate in the full residential, at Northern College, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire,  12:00 on 17th February to 15:00 on 19th February. Costs and fees for the residential are covered by the project. We will have interpreters with us, so please don’t feel outfaced by the different languages that may be in use.

Looking forward to seeing your responses!!

by midnight on Sunday 10th January!!

We’ll be in touch shortly after that, to finalize the participant list.

Best of luck, best wishes, and
Happy New Year!!!!

Anni, Hilary and Victoria

Sao Paulo Planning Meeting

by Lou Sumray

This was a planning meeting we had in São Paulo before the residential 
I’m just learning how to post things so it may come out quite random, I have a few stop motion videos I made but they have massive memories ( digital I mean rather than cerebral although they have those too!!) and I need help working out how to post them !