Horniman application

From Sarah-Jane Mason

Here is the final version of the Horniman application as pulled together by Ueda and Anni and I over the past 24 hours. It’s been a bit manic but hopefully we have represented the collective well and are in with a shot.

Keep everything crossed for the next fortnight – we will hear if we have been successful by 15th March.


Horniman ideas

From Hilary Ramsden

so where exactly do our replies to posts appear?? I’ve commented/replied to 2 posts but I can’t see them, so wondering if anyone else can see them??

here is a reply to Lou’s post (and Sarah’s subsequent post) about the Horniman funding thing: a great idea, but as you say seat of the pants deadline…also the amount of ££ would probably not be enough to bring our friends back as well as working to create something….unless there would be dosh from a Brazilian fund to pay for flights/accomodation etc. I am up for creating something for the last 2 dates in August for a family thing….something site-specific in the gardens…will have a brief think…to see if it’s worth it….

Horniman application… 1 week to deadline?

From Sarah-Jane Mason

I’ve had a brief look at the paperwork and essentially they are looking for work that celebrates the exchange between Brazil and the UK. This is perfect for us. But the deadline is tight and I can’t do this alone – it needs people both sides of the ocean on board and able to commit time to both the writing of the application and then the making of the work etc.

So if you are interested in collaborating on this application and have some time this week to help with the application then can you reply to this with any ideas you have and what you can do to help? I’d we can work quickly to get this together it’d be an amazing start to our potential collective going forwards.