Intro: Ahtziri Molina

Hola a todos. Los materiales en el grupo están muy interesantes. Ya vamos viendo la riqueza del grupo, va a ser una muy buena experiencia. I’m sorry to be here this late, but after all, here I’m.

Part of the reason why I had not come before is explaining myself to you, creative bunch. I’m an academic, a sociologist who does listening, enhancing and analysing as means of life. I find that all that is possible thru research and research methods.

More than that, research and it’s possibilites are endless as creative, collective projects. I tend to work in reserch groups rather than on my ivory tower, so following and understanding collectives, are “my thing”. The main reasons why I follow them is to enhance the chances of them to succed, since I try knowing the projects, the makers, the backgroud, the community and that usually works identyfing the core issues. As a result, I call myself a gossiper with two academic licences to do so. So, in fancy words, it might sound better if we call me a facilitator!

See you soon!