Intro: Christina Holdsworth

Hi everyone I am Christina, at the residential I will be representing Artlink West Yorkshire, the company you have heard of from Sylvie Fourcin.

I have been working as a freelance community artist for 6 years. Over this time I have worked in a variety of community spaces including schools, care homes, and transitional housing units for adults with mental health conditions.

At Artlink West Yorkshire I have had the pleasure of working on the ‘Get Started’ project. After visiting the space at the Leeds transitional housing unit we decided to hold summer workshops to take advantage of the outside space. This space was a blank canvas for participants to create work to decorate and take ownership of their environment.

We hope to create a safe, creative group setting to help with the residents transition to independent living and integration with the local and wider community.

As well as working with Artlink I work with a collective of artist on the Roots and Wings project mentioned by Incy Wood in her indroduction.

I am interested joining the conversation about space because changing spaces is such an instinctive process for me. I didn’t realise necessarily or put enough thought or analysis to the actions I do naturally to create a new, safe, practical, inclusive, or inspiring environment. I am interested in discussing the ‘headspace’ that can be created by artists for participants. I would like the discuss this with artists & researchers from different cultural backgrounds and compare our approaches.