Intro: Peter Spafford

Hello, I’m Peter Spafford. I’m a writer based in Leeds. My work divides, but not very cleanly, into two areas which I call In Here writing, and Out There writing. In Here writing is me in my head, Out There is writing I do in participatory contexts: prisons, museums, schools, streets, hospitals etc. It’s all writing! But I do need a balance.

The actual space where I work on my own is not that important to me. I can write anywhere. When I’m working with groups – well, that’s different. But speaking in cultural terms, all the writing I do is around the edges of the mainstream. In other words, if I try to explain what I do to my very lovely but very conventional sister…

I went to Brazil years ago for three months and loved it. That’s one of the reasons I signed up to this. I am also interested in Ruth’s idea of Invitation. At the moment I’m working on a new performance piece combining text and music called Threshold, which explores the theme of trust: how far and on what terms do we let others, who may be strange to us in many senses, into our own spaces, houses, countries, lives? And as a stranger being offered such, how far do we trust that offer and how far do we come? In other words, what is your/my threshold?

I can’t make it this residential, sadly, but would like to stay involved as much as possible.