Intro: Incy Wood

I guess I need to stop being so afraid of posting something and introduce myself!

My name is Incy and I work in a wide range of media on arts, health and wellbeing projects. I’m particularly interested in this research since I was studying on my fine art degree I have been intrigued by the way art can effect the way people respond to a space, especially one that they are familiar with.

I discovered by changing the aesthetic of a space an artist can generate the most wonderful responses from others. I have become increasingly aware of the power art can have when it comes to changing attitudes of communities about their local area, businesses and the inhabitants with-in it.

I also think this will be a good opportunity to finally find a way to communicate about the space that can be created by artists without changing the aesthetics too. In workshop write ups I might put I aim to create a “safe space” where participants can express themselves and be creative. That zone the group enter when they are doing that project… That head space??

I hope the images will help explain the physical things I help to create and put some of this in to context!