Intro: Sarah-Jane Mason

Hi everyone I’m Sarah-Jane Mason and I am a mixed media artist with a particular interest in participatory projects that tackle local social issues.  I am passionate about the positive impact that creativity can have in everyone’s lives and am driven to get as many people engaged in creativity and the arts as possible. I am involved in many projects at any one time but an ongoing project of interest is ‘Everyday Stories’ a twelve week participatory arts project based at a community centre in North Leeds.

Everyday Stories is a project that brings together a group of vulnerable young adults (all >25y/old) once a week over a period of four months to create artwork both together as a group and also independently. The project takes the participant’s everyday stories as the theme for creating artworks and so the whole project is very much participant led and has a strong voice that is very much the participant’s own.

The project also provides the group with many different ways to engage with the arts including; taking part in workshops led by four professional artists who are specialists in their respective fields (photography, creative writing, transcycling and mixed media); visiting local arts performances and exhibitions; completing an ArtsAward qualification; sharing their Arts skills with others; developing work to be entered into a published book about the project and creating artworks for public exhibition.

The project has been funded by Leeds Inspired and is ran by myself in partnership with Archway, a Re’New project.